Article: Getting started with Containers

Hello folks,

My last article about Containers: an Introduction for IT Professionals was published at Techgenix.

Containers are the natural evolution of virtualization where we can now virtualize applications and run them faster, use fewer resources, improve DevOps scenarios, and take advantage of this technology to decouple applications. Containers have been around for a long time in the Linux world, and Microsoft introduced the technology natively in its Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 releases. Docker is the company behind this revolution and they contribute with their code to create the OCI (Open Container Initiative), which is the body that defines standards for containers. In this article, we will try to get the big picture for those just getting started with containers and introduce some of the key concepts you need to know. Most of the images of this article come from Docker official documentation, and if you like the idea of containers and want to learn more from the source, I listed all the official documentation from Docker at the end of this article to help you.

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