Article: Managing multiple Azure diagnostic settings using Azure CLI

Hello folks,

Nowadays we are not able to manage multiple diagnostic settings using PowerShell in Microsoft Azure, the possible options are Portal and Azure CLI. In this article, we are going over the process to manage multiple diagnostic settings using the Azure CLI, keep in mind that we have a limit of 3 diagnostic settings for any given resource.

Microsoft Azure has integrated the entire monitor platform in a single location and experience. We explored a little bit of Azure Monitor in a previous article here at TechGenix. Nowadays, we can configure the Azure diagnostic settings on the vast majority of resources using a consistent interface and it can be done from the properties of the given resource, or through the Monitor feature. When using multiple Azure diagnostic settings, we can send the diagnostic data to either Event Hubs, Storage, or Log Analytics.

In this article, you will see that we have a small challenge configuring multiple Azure diagnostic settings using PowerShell, so we are going to understand the issue and use an alternative solution using Azure CLI to solve the current limitation.

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