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Do you know Microsoft Antigen 9.0?

Hello, I haven’t got a plenty of time.. but I’ll post more frequently here.. I promess.. Hang in there! Right now.. I saw in this week a useful webcast about…

Default language on Exchange clients

Hello, I’ve seen some questions about the folder names on Outlook/OWA in MS Forums. I’m going to explain two possible ways to change this behavior: When a mailbox is accessed…

Have you seen Exchange 2007 in action?

Hello, There are a lot of exciting videos about Exchange Server 2007 in action, you could see them on this link: All the best,Anderson Patricio

Exchange Server 2003 Security Hardening Guide is available (update)

Hello, The Exchange Server 2003 Security Hardening guide has an update on June 06 and is available on   All the best,Anderson Patricio  

Windows PowerShell Ebook

Hello, I received this link from my friend Jose Rodas, there is a free Ebook about Windows PowerShell, follow the link: All the Best,Anderson Patricio

Windows PowerShell: Managing registry

Hello, I’ve contributed with, this is my second tutorial on this site. Windows PowerShell has a functionality to manage registry keys and values (we can add, delete and change)….

TechEd 2006 Israel – Exchange 2007 PPTs

Hello everybody, Hang in there, Exchange 2007 is coming!! :D Follow the link with Exchange 2007 Presentations: All the best,Anderson Patricio

Do you want to see more about Exchange 2007 OWA?

Hello Everybody, Have you seen the new features on Exchange 2007 OWA? No, it’s not a problem, let’s go : There is a nice video about OWA on Exchange 2007 in…

Windows PowerShell: Managing services

Hello everybody, I’ve published on some tutorials about Windows PowerShell, the last one is this about Managing services. Follow the link: All the best,Anderson Patricio

More information about Exchange 2003 SP2 + Windows Mobile 5.0

Hello everybody, Today, I saw on Exchange Server page an article about Exchange 2003 SP2 + Windows Mobile 5.0 + Feature Pack, follow the link: Ps.: Exchange Watercooler is…