Azure AD Connect– In-place Upgrade

How to perform a in-place upgrade to AAD Connect (Azure Active Directory Connect).  When using DirSync tool there are two ways to upgrade to the AAD Connect: in-place upgrade method which is going to be the topic of this current Tutorial, and parallel method where a new server is installed and the configuration is moved from DirSync to the new server and then we switch over the replication to occur from the new server.


Logged on the server that has the DirSync Tool installed the administrator must install the Azure AD Connect. The tool itself has some requirements which you will find out during the installation process.

The Azure AD Connect can be download from the following link:

After downloading and installing the tool, the following wizard will start, in the first page, accept the license agreement and click Continue.


The wizard will detect an instance of the DirSync, and that information will be displayed, click on Next.


In the Connect to Azure AD page. Type in the credentials to connect in Microsoft Azure and click Next.


In the Connect to AD DS page. Fill out the credential of the on-premises Active Directory and click Next.


In the Ready to Configure page. Click on Upgrade and that will start the upgrade process.