BlackBerry Hub and Junk E-mail items

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In this Tutorial we are going over a feature called BlackBerry Hub. One of my customers was complaining that synchronization between iOS and BlackBerry (he had two devices) was not working properly where some messages were showing up only on the BlackBerry device.

After some testing we found out that a built-in feature on BlackBerry Hub could be the culprit of the issue. In this particular case we identified that there was no issue, just a different view between devices created a confusion to the end-user.


In this specific case we track down which messages were not being displayed on both devices at the same time, and during the analysis we noticed that the Junk E-mail folder in the BlackBerry Hub area was configured to synchronize, and after some testing we identified that the additional messages were the ones coming from the Junk E-mail.


For an iOS user the experience is that messages that are in the Junk E-mail are not going to be show in the main page of the new messages, however for a BlackBerry user with Junk E-mail being synchronized those messages will show up which may confuse some end-users.

It is easy to spot the message in BlackBerry when it is coming from the Junk E-mail because they will show up in a different color as shown in the message below.


How to disable Junk E-mail on the BlackBerry Hub? That is simple, just hold for a few seconds the Junk E-mail folder, and on the new menu click/tap on Disable Folder Sync.


After that change the experience for an iOS user and BlackBerry will be similar and the messages will be the same.

Written by Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio

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