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Personalizing Disclaimer in Exchange Server 2010

Hello folks, Exchange Server 2010 brings a lot of new features, today we will go over some of the new capabilities that we can have in a Disclaimer Transpor Rule…

Exchange Server 2010: Mail Tips feature

Hello folks, Nice posts about a new Exchange Server 2010 feature: Mail tips! You can check this out at: Cheers, Anderson Patricio

Using Exchange 2010 Windows PowerShell Command Log

Hello folks, In this new Exchange Server version PowerShell got a lot of new tricks! :) We can use Windows PowerShell Command Log to track down all the cmdlets used…

Exchange 2010 and PowerShell

Hello folks, A nice feature of the new Exchange Server 2010 (former E14) is the Show Exchange Management Shell command which is a small button located on the left corner…

Exchange Server 2010

Hello folks, Today was announced the Exchange 2010 Beta Public, check this out: Cheers, Anderson Patricio