How to Publish your Tutorial/Hint

Step 01 – Installing the basic components…

The first step it download and install the LiveWriter, using the following link:

The next step is to download a plug-in called Text Template, you can download from here:

After installing the plug-in, make sure to close the LiveWriter and open it again to reload the new plug-in properly.

Step 02 – Add

When opening LiveWriter, select WordpPress and click next.


In the second page, type in and your credentials, click on Next.


Step 03 – Define image defaults

All images on our articles follow the same standard, and in order to get that properly configured you just need to do the steps below once.

First (item 1 in red) configure that field to original

Second (item 2 in red), click on the second icon, the one highlighted there

Third (item 3 in red), change to no link

In order to make all those settings default for any new images that you add, click on Set to Default


Step 04 – Import the Templates

We need to copy the templates from the following location  and then on the Live Writer, click on Text Template, and then Open Template Folder and extract both files that we have just download on that location.

Step 05 – Publish your Tutorial/Hint

Now that you have all configured, you just to create a new post, add the template, write the content with your images and when you are done, just click on Post draft to blog and that’s it!