Configuring Global Size Limits in an Exchange Server 2007 Organization

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Hello Folks,

In Exchange Server 2007, the Global message size limit parameter cannot be changed using either Exchange Management Console or Exchange Management Shell, here they are:

  • Outgoing message size (submissionContentLenght)

  • Incoming Message Size (delivContLength)

  • Maximum number for recipients (msExchRecipLimit)

To change those values, we can use the legacy Exchange System Manager or the AdsiEdit.msc, as it follows:

Open Adsiedit.msc

Expand Configuration / <cn=configuration,dc=your,dc=domain,dc=local> / Services / <organization name> / Global Settings

Right-Click on Message Delivery and click on Properties


We also have the Organization limits in Exchange Server 2007 which is applied to all Hub Transport Servers. We can configure the Organization limits through the set-Transportconfig cmdlet, we have the following parameters:




When we have Global limits and Message limits the lowest value takes precedence. It’s recommended to use both limits with the same value.

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Anderson Patricio

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Written by Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio

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