Discover which Cisco switch port a server is connected

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This article describes how to discover which Cisco switch port a server is connected using IP address or MAC-Address information.


First step is getting the desired server’s IP address and its MAC-Address.


After that, you will have two discovery method options: by IP address and by MAC Address

By IP address

1. Connect to the switch either through a console or remotely and issue the command ping serveripaddress (in our case


The ‘!’ marks indicates the ping was successful.

2. After that, issue the command show ip arp serveripaddress (in our case

This will return the server’s MAC-Address.


3. Finally, issue the command show mac address-table address and the MAC-Address we have discovered (in our case 0050.56b8.0680).


The Cisco switch port that the server is connected to is displayed at the column ‘port’ (in our case, the server is connected at port GigabitEthernet2/29).

By MAC-Address

If you already have the server’s MAC-Address, just issue the command as described in Step 3 above and you are done.

Written by Andre Moreira