Enterprise Mode and Microsoft Edge

In this Tutorial we are going to use Enterprise Mode with Microsoft Edge, which will help applications to run smoothly on Windows 10 and by doing that speed up the deployment process.


The Enterprise Mode requires at least Internet Explorer 11, and by default this feature is disabled.

The first step is to enable Enterprise Mode, is to identify which version of IE is required for specific websites that are required for the business, then we need to install the Enterprise Mode List Manager and that is covered on this Tutorial: How to deploy Enterprise Mode Site List Manager and after that we need to deploy GPO, and publish the file on a central location and this process is covered on this Tutorial: Using Enterprise Mode and Internet Explorer 11

If you check the previous Tutorial we can see that the GPO is done for Internet Explorer 11, and on this Tutorial we are going to cover the changes required to make it work with Microsoft Edge.

Group Policies…

The Group Policy is slight different for Microsoft Edge, basically we need to expand Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components, and then click on Microsoft Edge. After that, double click on Use the Enterprise Mode IE website list.


In the new page, click on Enable and define the address for the XML file that was created to support the Enterprise Mode.

Note: we need a single file for both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.



After applying the Group Policy and publishing the central file, we can open Microsoft Edge and try to access one of the sites that requires Internet Explorer, the result is shown in the image below, where the user tries to open a page that is on the Enterprise Mode XML file using Microsoft Edge and automatically the page is suggested to open on Internet Explorer and that becomes transparent to the end-user.