Event ID 9331 and 9335 generating OAB in Exchange Server 2010

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Hello folks,

During an Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2010 migration the OAB stop working and during my analysis I found these following errors on the Generation Server.

OABGen encountered error 80004005 (internal ID 50103b7) accessing the public folder database while generating the offline address list for address list ‘/’.
– Default Offline Address Book


OABGen encountered error 80004005 while cleaning the offline address list public folders under /o=OrgName/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address Book.  Please make sure the public folder database is mounted and replicas exist of the offline address list folders.  No offline address lists have been generated.  Please check the event log for more information.
– Default Offline Address Book


In order to solve the problem these following key points can help you out:

  • Make sure that you moved your generation server to Exchange Server 2010
  • Make sure that the Public Folder is mounted on both locations (Exchange 2007 and Exchange Server 2010) if you still have both in production. If you don’t have Exchange Server 2007 in production you can start uninstalling the server.
  • Manage the Public Folder from Exchange Server 2010 side
  • Make sure that you replicate the System Public Folders / Offline Address Book (those 3 folders) with the new Exchange Server 2010
  • Make sure that you also replicate the subfolders (OAB Version 2, OAB Version 3a and OAB Version 4)

After checking all that stuff, run a new OAB Update and you should be good to go!

Anderson Patricio
http://www.andersonpatricio.org (Portuguese)
Twitter: @apatricio

Written by Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio is a Canadian MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and Office Server and Services, besides the Microsoft Award he also holds a Solutions Master (MCSM) in Exchange and several other certifications. Anderson has been contributing to the Microsoft Community with articles, tutorials, blog posts, twitter, forums and book reviews. He is a regular contributor here at ITPROCentral.com, MSExchange.org, Techgenix.com and Anderson Patricio.org (Portuguese).