Fixing the issue: Cannot find E-discovery arbitration mailbox with name=$name

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In Today’s post we are going over an error where the Exchange Server 2013 installation returns these following error messages:

  • Cannot find E-discovery arbitration mailbox with name=$name
  • Skipping creating Discovery Arbitration mailbox beause of insufficient permissions

In the current scenario I was adding the first Exchange Server 2013 SP1 to an existent Exchange Server 2010 organization. The error message with the errors above is shown in the figure below.


The root cause was that the Arbitration Mailboxes in my Exchange Server 2010 weren’t available, and we can check this out by running the following cmdlet in Exchange Server 2010 Management Shell.

Get-Mailbox –Arbitration | Select Name,Database


The first step is to reallocate any disconnected mailboxes (those ones that are shown in yellow are corrupted and they don’t have a valid Mailbox Database assigned to them) to a valid Mailbox Database, and we can do that using the following cmdlet:

Set-Mailbox ‘<Mailbox>’ –Database <Database-in-Exchange-Server-2010> –Arbitration


After fixing any corrupted arbitration mailbox on Exchange Server 2010, we can run the following cmdlet and the results should be similar to the Figure below.

Get-Mailbox –Arbitration | Select Name,Database


How to continue the installation process?

Just hit setup.exe again, and the following image will be displayed, where the setup process informs that an incomplete installation was found and it will try to complete this time. Click next.


Here we go.. the installation will run fewer steps (usually are 15 steps however the failure shown in the first page was at the stage 11), so we have only 5 steps to go. If there is any other issues the installation process will be completed and you will have a new Exchange Server 2013 SP1 ready in your environment in a few minutes.


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Anderson Patricio is a Canadian Exchange Server MVP and MCSM (Solutions Master) and he contributes to the Microsoft Community with articles, tutorials, blog posts, forums and book reviews. He is a regular contributor at, and (Portuguese).

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    Thanks, worked like a charm!!

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