How to configure an additional account in Outlook for Mac

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In this Tutorial we are going over the process to configure an additional account in Outlook for Mac, and how it works on the end-user side. Bear in mind, that if you are an Office365 customer with plans such as Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Enterprise E3, and E4 you do have the Outlook for Mac as part of your subscription.


In this Tutorial we are using Apple OS Yosemite, and after installing Office for Mac and configured our account, we are ready to add the second account.

In order to add a second account, make sure that Outlook is open, and then click on Outlook, and then Preferences…

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 08.27.21[2]

In the Outlook Preferences window, click on Accounts.


The first account will be listed on the left side, click on + to add a new account and then fill out the information that will take advantage of autodiscover to configure everything automatically for you (in the example below, my account is in Office365)


That’s it, you can close all windows and you will have access to both mailboxes on your Outlook for Mac.

End-user experience…

The first item that the end-user must be aware is the From: option when sending e-mails, since there are two accounts the user can chose which account will be sending the message.

Note: Having two accounts solves a common issue in some companies where the user (let’s say  wants to send message as and for this kind of scenario two accounts are required. If the user just wants to receive both accounts, then it is easier to add both SMTP address into the same mailbox.


In the main area of the Outlook, we will see both accounts under Inbox.


That’s all you need to know to configure the Outlook for Mac to support additional accounts and two of the main things on the end-user side which is the ability to send with the desired account, and how to read information based on the mailbox.

Written by Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio is a Canadian MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and Office Server and Services, besides the Microsoft Award he also holds a Solutions Master (MCSM) in Exchange and several other certifications. Anderson has been contributing to the Microsoft Community with articles, tutorials, blog posts, twitter, forums and book reviews. He is a regular contributor here at,, and Anderson (Portuguese).

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