How to configure an OU as default for new objects in Active Directory

In this Tutorial we will configure an Organization Unit as new default location for new users. By default, all new objects created by Exchange for example are created under Users container when a location is not specified.


If we try to to create a new user in Exchange Server 2013 Exchange Admin Center (EAC) and we do not specify the Organization Unit we will have the new user being created on the Users container.




Before changing the default location we must make sure that the domain functional level is at least Windows Server 2003. An easy to find out is asking properties of the domain in the Active Directory Users and Compupters and on the General page the current forest and domain level will be listed.


How to define a new OU  as default location…

The first step is to create a new Organization Unit (OU) and we will label that new OU as InitialOU.


Having the new OU in place, we just need to run the redirusr utility, and the only parameter is the location of the OU (we can copy the value of distinguishedName of the new Organization Unit). The syntax of the command is listed below.

redirusr OU=InitialOU,DC=patricio,dc=local


Testing the new location…

An easy way to test is to user the New-ADUser cmdlet. The figure below shows the cmdlet in action.


We can also create a new group using New-ADGroup cmdlet.


If we go back to Active Directory Users and Computers we should have all new objects in the new Organization Unit that we defined as the default location.



In this Tutorial we demonstrated how to change the default location for new objects in Active Directory.