How to deploy Enterprise Mode Site List Manager

The Enterprise Mode Site List Manager utility will help to deploy the Enterprise Mode feature in the environment. You may not be aware, but in January of 2016 the Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge will be the only supported versions of browser by Microsoft, and for those that are still running Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 that will become an issue.


In this Tutorial we are going over the process to deploy Enterprise Mode Site List Manager which is a tool that will help during the transition from those legacy browser to IE11 and Edge as well, using this utility the administrator can prepare the environment to support the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Enterprise mode feature which basically helps the browser to emulate some of those legacy versions and help the business to keep moving forward with the browser version.

Step #01 – Download the tool

The first step is to download the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager from Microsoft, here is the link:

We can install the tool on a workstation, or server, the tool is used to create and maintain the list of websites that is going to be controlled from a central location.

Step #02 – Installing the tool

The installation process does not require any special configuration, just keep the default values and the tool will be installed. The first and final page of the installation wizard are shown in the images below.



Step #03 – Using the tool for the first time…

The tool is extremely simple, the administrator need to add new websites and on the new page, the information to be entered is the website URL, where is going to be launched (which version of IE is going to be used) and if we force to open using IE (that is helpful with Microsoft Edge transition).


The key point here is to make sure that all the current websites that are holding you back nowadays with old versions of Internet Explorer should be tested on the Internet Explorer 11 with old versions of Internet Explorer, after that process of testing the list creation becomes easy and straight forward.


After having all your websites, the administrator can save the list as XML as shown in the figure below. In the next Tutorial we are going over the process to configure GPO and share that file to the clients in order to enable the enterprise mode in the environment.


The Enterprise Mode is not the silver bullet, however it is a great feature to help organizations to move to Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge, and by doing that saves administrator time when moving workstations to Windows 10.