Lync Online – Configuring Automatic logon

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In this Tutorial we are going over the steps to enable automatic logon for the Lync users using Office365 (Lync Online).


The first step is to check Domains item, when logged as Office365 administrator.


All domains of the subscription will be listed, select the desired domain (in our case, and click on Manage DNS.


The DNS entries required to make Office365 to work will be listed, go to the Lync Online section and a list of all required DNS records that should be in the Public DNS of the domain will be listed. The most important for automatic logon are the SRV record for _sip._tls and the CNAME for The other two are required for mobility and federation. Print that page or save the information because they will be added to the Public DNS.


There is no Lync Online section..

Don’t worry, if you don’t have it listed, click on change domain purpose at the beginning of the page, in the new page make sure to select Lync Online and that will enable the Lync Online section to be displayed.


Public DNS changes…

At this point, the list of all entries is available, the next logical step is to add those entries into the Public DNS zone. In the example bellow we are adding to the GoDaddy DNS (web interface) following the information that we gathered at the beginning of this Tutorial


Testing the solution…

Make sure that DNS replication took place, then open up a Lync client and type in the logon information. If your are typing a domain name that you haven’t configured yet, then go back to Office365 and make sure that all entries for the domain of the user that you are trying to logon are in place.


The default settings in the Lync client is to try the automatic configuration, this configuration is defined in the Lync Options page.


If everything is fine, then the process to Sign in will work just fine without any manual configuration to the end-user.



In this Tutorial we went over the steps required to enable automatic logon to the Lync clients using Office365 (Lync Online).

Written by Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio

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