Managing DAG: Creating a new DAG using EAC

At this point of the series we created a DAG witness server, pre-staged the Active Directory that will be used by the DAG in this Tutorial and last but not least we configured the Network Adapters (2 adapters) in order to have a network for the clients and a second one just for replication.

In order to create our new DAG, we need to open Exchange Admin Center, then click on servers and then on database availability groups.  In that page, let’s click on the first icon which is the + icon.


In the new database availability group page. Let’s define a name for our DAG and that must be the same name that we defined in the previous article (, the second information required is the Witness Server that we also defined previously in this series and the directory (for sake of simplicity we are going to use C:DAGShare) and finally an static IP for the DAG (DAG supports DHCP however we are going to use static).

Click on save.

That wizard will create the object of the DAG in the Exchange Organization however the Cluster Configuration on the node(s) will happen when we add the first node.

Adding the first node to the DAG..

Let’s go back to EAC, servers and then database availability groups. At this point we should have an entry for our newly created DAG object, right?

Click on it, and then click on the 5th icon from the left (the description of the button is manage database availability group membership) which will bring us a page similar to the one shown below.

Let’s click on Add (+ icon) and select a server from the list, since we assigned permissions in the Active Directory to the computer named TOREX01 then we need to select the same server to be the first one of this new DAG. Click on Save.


Now we just need to wait a little bit and in the background the Failover Cluster is being configured to support our new DAG and its first DAG member. The result in your environment should be similar to the one shown in the figure below.


Validating the new DAG…

Now that we have a new DAG with a DAG member, we can look that information in the servers / database availability groups area.


If we open Active Directory Users and Computers we will noticed that the computer object is enabled.


If we ping that same name we will receive a reply from the IP that we specified during the DAG creation at the beginning of this tutorial.