Managing the Password Synchronization in DirSync

In this Tutorial we will check how to manage the Password Synchronization feature in the Windows Azure Active Directory Synchronization Tool.


Before changing the settings we must make sure that we have two things: the username and password for the synchronization account in Microsoft Azure and the local administration credentials for the domain.

We show the process to create in this Tutorial: in case you need to remember the process and to check your current account that is being used.

The technical steps are the same when creating the initial synchronization, open  Windows Azure Active Directory Sync and probably you have an icon of the tool on your desktop. If you can’t find, don’t worry go to the C:Program FilesWindows Azure Active Directory Sync folder and run the ConfigWizard.exe file.


In the first pages of the wizard, make sure to fill out with the proper credentials. The page that matters for this Tutorial is the Password Synchronization where it will give us the information about the current configuration as shown in the figure below. In our Tutorial the Password Synchronization was not configured, and in order to enable it, let’s check the option Enable Password Sync.


The configuration may take a few minutes to apply, just wait and click on Next when ready.


In the last page of the wizard, let’s leave the default settings which will start the synchronization of the directories and with that the passwords hash will start to flow to the Microsoft Azure side.



In this Tutorial we validated the easy steps to manage the Password Synchronization after having the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync Tool in production.