Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud section of our site will contain articles and information about Microsoft Azure and that will include the Identity, Access Management and Infrastructure services. Besides of that we will cover different services such as Office365, Exchange Online Protection, Lync Online and so forth.

First Step: Get a Trial

The best way is to get yourself a trial version of the services and validate the features. Here are the main pages of the products and you will find the trial link on them

* During the trial you must provide a valid Credit card and you get a credit of ~220 USD to use the service, as long as you don’t pass that limit you will not be charged.

Second Step: Create a lab, test and learn

We have several Tutorials available in the site to help you to deploy and manage Microsoft Cloud services and products. These are some the Tutorials series to get you started and we are posting weekly new content to the Microsoft Community.

  • Windows Azure and Office 365 Series
    In this series we go over all the basic steps to get your Trial version for Azure and Office365 and test some of capabilities of both services
  • Microsoft Federation Services
    In this series, we cover all the steps to build the Active Directory Federation Services and enable Single Sign-On (SSO)

You can always check the Microsoft Cloud area which will have a list of all published Tutorial so far and all the new ones will show up there.