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Azure Cloud Shell Everywhere

WOW! Microsoft did it again! If you didn’t saw the announcements at the Microsoft Build 2017 Conference, you should! They announce a lot of new things, but regarding Azure one…

Product Review: Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365

Exclaimer is well-known within the Microsoft world with regards to its email signature management solutions and I have installed several of its products for my on-premises customers over the years….

Creating a Virtual Network in Microsoft Azure IaaS

A key element when deploying the infrastructure in Microsoft Azure is to define the Virtual Network. The administrator must be extra cautious because the definition of the Virtual Network will…

How to disable E-mail Signature changes in Outlook Web App

I’m reviewing Exclaimer Cloud and during the process, I noticed that by default the end-user has the ability to configure signatures and kind of messes up an e-mail signature solution….

How to install Azure Storage Explorer on macOS

Microsoft Azure is a multi-platform solution, and for the IT Pro we can chose which platform we want to use to manage the servicem including macOS, Linux and Windows. Today,…

Installing Visual Studio Code

There are many ways to provision VMs in Microsoft Azure, one of them is using Templates feature. When using templates we need to work on Azure Resource Manager JSON files….

Techgenix Article: Manage on-premises servers using Azure Server Management Tool

Hello folks, Last week, I published an article explaining the process to configure SMT (Server Management Tool) which in Preview on Microsoft Azure. A second article is coming up and…

Installing Server Management tools

In this tutorial, we are going over the process to install the required software in a Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2 to support SMT (Server Management Tools)…

Adding a domain in Azure Active Directory

Adding and validating a domain in Microsoft Azure using the new portal based on Azure Resource Manager (ARM). The new portal has been out there for a while, but since… Article: Removing domains in Office 365

Hello folks, I wrote an article for explaining the process to remove a domain in Office365. The process to remove a domain may not be that simple, especially when…