Monitoring FOPE (Microsoft Directory Synchronization Tool) using SCOM

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In Today’s post we will go over the process to monitor the Microsoft Directory Synchronization Tool using SCOM. This post is a small part of one of my upcoming articles about the transition process from on-premises Exchanges to FOPE that will be published in

Before performing the monitoring wizard below, you should have at least:

  • Agent installed on the FOPE Server
  • A Group created for the FOPE Server (in this case FOPE-Group)
  • A Management Pack to store all FOPE monitoring and groups (in this case FOPE Management Pack)

Now that we have all that in place, let’s open the SCOM Console, click on Authoring, expand

Monitoring Type. Let’s click on Windows Service and then hit Next.


General Page. Type in the name and choose the Template that was created before, and hit Next.


Service Details. In the first field click on … and on the new page (figure below) connect on the DST Server and select the service Microsoft Directory Synchronization and then click OK.


Back to Service Details, we need to use the group that we created previously, and let’s uncheck the last option and then click Next.


That’s it! Now in order to perform a simple test we can stop the service in the FOPE server and we will receive an alert on the SCOM.


As part of the Monitoring wizard, there is also a task that the operator can use to start the service, by clickin on Start NT service in the new FOPE – Directory Synchronization Tool Service tasks.