Persistent Chat failing with Unexpected DB version error

How to solve the Event ID 53503 Persistent Chat could not start due to the following exception: … Unexpected DB version when adding the Persistent Chat role to an existent Lync Server 2013.


In this Tutorial, we got the error previously mentioned after adding the Persistent Chat role to an existent Lync Server 2013 Front End (Standard), the issue was noticed because the Persistent Chat service was failing to start. During the initial analysis the following Event ID 53503 was found.


As a best practice when patching Lync Server 2013 (a Tutorial about this topic is coming up) is to save the updates in a folder on the server. In this scenario, we went to the latest Cumulative Update applied to the server and we run it again, at this time all new features added to the system were not up to date, the solution was to install the updates by clicking on Install udpates.

Note: When installing a Cumulative Update the updates will be done on the components that you have on your environment, any new features added after the patch process must be updated as part of their installation process.


A restart will be required, make sure that you inform your users, and hit yes to restart the server.


The next step is to check the Cumulative Update KB to make sure that the new feature added does not have any additional steps to be performed. In the current scenario the Persistent Chat requires a database update, the section of the documentation and the cmdlet used to perform the update are shown in the images below.



The last step is to check the Services and the Lync Server Persistent Chat should be up and running, if it is not try to start and the attempt should be successful at this time.



In this Tutorial we went over the process to fix the Event ID 53503 on a new Persistent Chat added to an existent Lync Server 2013. When adding new features to Lync Server  2013 make sure to run once more the last Cumulative Update to make sure that the new features are properly updated.