Public Certificates

We are a Digicert official reseller and there is no additional costs for you when buying a Public Certificate using our links.

If you want to purchase your certificate and help the site at the same time, please use this link for UC Certificates and any questions that you may have related to the certificate names, please contact us for free using the form located at the end of this page.

All purchase process related to the certificate is processed on the Digicert website. If you want to check our partnership status with Digicert, please click on the Digicert logo on the left side.

Our partnership covers all Digicert offers, here is a summary of the certificates available, their main use and the links:

  • UC Certificate is used mainly for Exchange/Lync and it comes with up to 4 (four) names
    To purchase a UC/SAN, click here
  • Wilcard certificates it covers an entire domain for example * and it can be installed  on all your servers at no additional charge
    To purchase a Wildcard certificate, click click here
  • SSL Plus besides of your regular, Digicert also gives you
    To purchase a SSL Plus certificate, click here

Do you need help? We are here!

Having problems with Public Certificate deployment on your Exchange Server? If you need some help on this process, please contact us and we will assess your environment and provide the proper solution, including Exchange Server, Lync, Skype for Business, IIS and etc.

Okay, how does it work? We will be available on a Skype session and we will use Team Viewer to work with you and your team to work on the certificate issue..

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