How to Remove an Exchange Server using ADSIEdit.msc

In some cases, an Exchange server can be beyond recover, and no longer necessary, and for this kind of situation the administrator may use ADSIEdit.msc to remove the server that is no longer required.


Before considering the steps described in this Tutorial, make sure that you are aware of these key points:

  • The best way to remove an Exchange Server is always using add/remove programs and uninstalling the product
  • If you need to remove the Exchange Server from your organization manually, then the Exchange Server is unavailable and beyond recover
  • If you are planning any recovery of that server, please do not use the steps described in this Tutorial
  • Removing the Exchange Server object does not clean up configurations related to that server (for example: Send Connectors)
  • A further investigation of objects and configurations that may be linked to that server will be required to clean up the environment completely

Let’s assume that the server YDMEXCH01 listed below is no longer accessible and we need to remove form our organization, in order to get a list of all Exchange Servers we are using the following cmdlet.



The first step is to open ADSIEdit.msc, righ-click on ADSI Edit, and then Connect to… In the new window, selet Configuration and click OK.


Expand Configuration, CN=Configuration, CN=Services, CN=Microsoft Exchange, CN=<OrganizationName>, CN=Administrative Groups, CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOH…, CN=Servers, select the server from the right side, and right-click on it and click Delete.


If you are certain that you no longer need that server, click on Yes.


Depending the size of your organization it may take a while to reflect the changes based on the Active Directory replication.