Stellar Outlook Toolkit – Product Review

Today, we are going to Stellar Outlook Toolkit software from Stellar Data Recovery. The company has several solutions in the data recovery area, and some solutions related to e-mail migration and permanent deletion of data.

The Stellar Outlook Toolkit version 7 combines six (6) modules in a single solution, and it has some features that are ideal for enterprises and individuals that use heavily Outlook client. We will dive into some of those key features to understand how the Outlook Toolkit solution works and provide a final review of the tool. Here are some of the

  • Clean up Outlook Profile by removing duplicate e-mails
  • PST management
    • Repair corrupt PST
    • Merge
    • Split
    • Compact
    • Recover lost password
    • Ability to move attachments outside of a PST to save space

Installation and prerequisites…

The installation is simple and easy, just leave default settings and the software will be installed in no time. In order to download the file just go to the Stellar Data Recovery site, or just click here.

The initial screen of the Outlook Tool provides a simple and intuitive user interface to use the product. The product also adds two additional tabs: Stella Compact PST and Stella Duplicate Mail Remover on Outlook.

In case you have any issues opening outlook after the installation, you can always use outlook /safe to disable add-ins during the Outlook startup and troubleshoot which component is affecting the performance of the product. 

Managing PSTs using Outlook Toolkit

The toolkit is a collection of tools from Stellar software, and they share the same interface, basically the user can drag and drop PSTs, or use the button to add/search psts, some action buttons related to the feature being used.

Besides of that, all tools have Logs which allows the user to get a statistic of what is going on, Registration, Support and Help which are self-explanatory.

The first challenge for the tool is to recover a password of one of my old PSTs.  I used an old PST that I had on my personal server. The recovery process was seamlessly and I was able to access the data, that was a good start.

The Duplicate Mail Remover option allows the user to define a time spam, and define which comparison the software will use to identify the duplicate items, and an action can be selected (move to another folder, delete or move the deleted items, flag and so forth). At the end, a summary of all items found based on the settings defined will be displayed.

The Compact PST option has a great feature that allows to remove the attachments from the PST and move the file system (we can add compress to the mix), thus reducing the size of the newly generated PST. During the review, we ran this option against a 200MB PST and we got a 25% reduction.

The Repair PST option, uses a different interface but it will mimic an Outlook design where the user can see all messages from any given corrupted PST, and as part of the process the user can export any specific message in several formats (MSG, PDF, EML, RTF and HTML) and of course save the entire repaired file in a new PST file.

The PST Merge option allows to select one or more PSTs, and avoid duplication by defining duplicate criteria parameters. After selecting and analyzing all PSTs, the user has the ability to merge those PSTs into a new or existent one, merge to Outlook profile, and the most interesting feature for Operations is the ability to add to Office 365 or Exchange Server.

The PST Splitter option allows to split by date, size (minimum 250GB), mail ID and Select and split. This feature is key when dealing with larger PST on a day to day operations.


During this review, we found out some points that require improvements, such as: reduce the number of tabs in Outlook to save real estate and some other small adjustments. The development team was informed about that, and we hope to get those items addressed in the next release of the product.

Besides of that, the product has great features to manage PSTs and definitely will help any IT Operations team having a hard time with PST files.

My rating for the Outlook Toolkit  is 3.5 out of 5 starts, and it will increase as soon as the development team releases some of the updates.