Storage Spaces Direct Calculator

When planning your Storage Spaces Direct implementation, the administrator must consider several key points during the design phase. In this Tutorial, we will be using a Storage Spaces Direct calculator provided by Cosmos Darwing on this following site.
When working with Storage Spaces Direct, make sure that all hardware is supported by Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, and another hint is to make sure that all your firmware is up-to-date to support before deploying the technology.


The calculator has a series of tasks that the administrator has to enter the information to get the total size of the solution. The first task is to define the drives, the administrator is able to select how many disks, capacity and type.

The second step is to define the number of servers that will be part of the solution.
The third step is to define the resilliency of the solution.

The final section of the wizard will show the how much storage available for the entire solution and how much will be available and how much will be reserved for resiliency.

Using this wizard helps the administrator to see the big picture of the solution and tweak the number for servers and disks to get the amount of space required.