Using Migrate Storage feature in VMM 2016

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We will be migrating storage from a running VM (Virtual Machine) using VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) 2016. In this Tutorial the customer had two volumes, one specific for Operating Systems (OS) and a second volume just for Data Disks (additional drives on the servers). The goal is to migrate the Data Disk of any given VM to the proper storage.


The first step is to select the desired VM, and right-click on it and click on Migrate Storage.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 3.15.27 PM

In the Select Path page. We are going to have a list of all disks being utilized by the VM, in our case we have OS, Pagefile and an additional disk. Click on Browse… on the last disk (data disk).


In the new page, expand the volume (in our case Volume2) and select the folder where the disk will be placed. Click OK.


The changes can be seen on the image below, click on Next.


In order to start, just click on Migrate.


The process may take some time and it will migrate the content on the fly from one volume to another.

Written by Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio

Anderson Patricio is a Canadian MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and Office Server and Services, besides the Microsoft Award he also holds a Solutions Master (MCSM) in Exchange and several other certifications. Anderson has been contributing to the Microsoft Community with articles, tutorials, blog posts, twitter, forums and book reviews. He is a regular contributor here at,, and Anderson (Portuguese).

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